About combeschool.com

Combe School is a resource website that aims to help parents looking to enroll their kids in the Church of England primary schools located both in the United Kingdom and anywhere else.

Our Hope

It is our hope that the resources on this website would awaken parents to the importance of both external and internal inputs that would maximize the long term success prospects of their children.

For the longest time, parents all over the world were under the impression that if they threw a lot of money into their kids’ education, this would automatically lead to their kids’ doing well in school and, by extension, doing well in all areas of life.

Finding Out

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to figure out that this is not the case. You can spend a small fortune on your child’s education and still end up with a child who would continue to struggle in many aspects of his or her life because he or she did not get trained properly.

So what is the answer?

External inputs

So what is the answer? The answer has less to do with the quality of external inputs. You can have the very best building in the world, you can even hire the very best and most motivated teachers and source the top notch educational literature, but if the kids are not willing to absorb the material in such a way that they are able to achieve a self-sustaining internalized learning system, you are going to be caught in a trap.

The trap is that you would have to sustain that high cost input pretty much throughout the academic life of the child involved. Otherwise, things will get knocked loose. Certain details will fall between the cracks, and it’s anybody’s guess whether the kid can achieve high levels of educational excellence later on in life.

Dropping the ball

This happens quite a bit. According to many studies, there are children who get a lot of attention early on, but who end up dropping the ball because they did not get the sustained input they need to not only sustain but maximize whatever results that they were able to achieve earlier.

Our philosophy is that the proper educational approach for ultimate success boils down to a mix of both external and internal inputs with a heavier emphasis on internalization. In other words, we insist on putting a kid in the right physical environment.

In tip top shape

Teachers motivating Kids

The building must be in tip top shape, the teachers must truly care about their jobs and must be pumped up and motivated to help kids achieve their highest potential. The learning materials that the kids are exposed to must meet the highest academic standards and quality benchmarks.

But in addition to all of this, the content and the core of the curriculum must focus on personality and values development. By values development, we’re not just talking about religious or spiritual values. Since we are a Church of England primary school resource site, you can assume that this is going to be part of the equation.

Something broader

Instead, by values, we mean something broader. We’re talking about one’s personal approach to life. Are you the type of person who shows up early? Are you the type of person who puts in more value than what is expected from you? Are you the type of person who constantly double checks your work? Are you the type of person who is looking to serve others before you serve yourself?

These are the core values that ensure success in all areas of life, and we insist on these because these would enable kids to develop a self-sustaining learning system that would enable them to come out ahead regardless of where they find themselves in life.


Variety of reasons

Life, being what it is, can be quite erratic. Often times, we may be plugged into a tremendous amount of resources at first, and then these resources, for a variety of reasons, start to dry up. What do we do at that point? If you have developed a self-sustaining attitude and internalized value system, you maximize your chances of success regardless of where you find yourself.

Your ability to deal with situations in an optimal way does not depend on your external set of circumstances. It definitely doesn’t depend on your feelings. Instead, we teach children to respond to life based on their highest values. And these are values that they themselves chose.


Thankfully, we are seeing tremendous results with this approach, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost much money nor does it burn up all that tremendous amount of resources.