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This is the Church of England primary school’s resource site based in Combe and surrounding areas.

The right place

Whether you have a child who lives in Combe or a child who lives in Britain, it doesn’t really matter. If you want the very best Church of England primary school education for your children, you have come to the right place. This website enables parents to make truly informed decisions regarding the educational choices for their children.

School environment

As you can well imagine, one of the most important inputs you can put into your kid’s life is his or her school environment. Studies have shown that there is a strong link between the quality of initial primary school education and life achievement.

Price not equals to quality

Don't Spend a lot

If you want your kids to live up to their fullest potential, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money. That is one common myth regarding primary school education quality. Price does not necessarily equate with high quality.

Confusing quality

Now, a lot of primary school promoters would love you to think this way. A lot of people would like you to confuse pricing with quality and value. Luckily, this doesn’t not have to be the case. They are not joined at the hip. There is no iron law interlocking the amount of pound or euros or dollars you pay for your child’s education and the quality of such an education.

School values

It all boils down to the values of the school. It also is a reflection of what the school’s ultimate focus is. Keep these primarily in mind and you increase the likelihood of finding the very best school and environment for your children.

Informed Decision

This resource site lists out all sorts of preschool and primary school materials that would enable you to make a truly informed decision. The big challenge for many parents looking to make the right call as far as their kid’s educational options are concerned has more to do with the abundance of choice, it’s not the other way around.

High quality educational institutions

If you were to ask around, a lot of parents are under the mistaken assumption that there’s really not that many quality schools out there. Whether we’re talking about primary school or secondary school, most parents in England as well as the surrounding areas are under the impression that high quality educational institutions are few and far between.

This is a fallacy. This is not true. In fact, there are a lot of them and the big challenge is learning to tell them apart.

Beyond Numbers


While the graduation rates of many of these institutions are quite similar, you need to go beyond the numbers. It’s too easy to adopt an attitude where, if certain institutions have certain qualities, that they are essentially interchangeable.

Educational disappointment

This is a one way ticket to educational disappointment at some point in time. It may well turn out that you have bought a basket of goods that was either mislabeled or misrepresented or somehow hyped up and made to appear like something that it’s not.

The Right Focus

If you don’t want to put yourself in that sorry situation and, most importantly, you don’t want to jeopardize the educational prospects of your children, you need to have the right focus.

Adopting the Right Educational Focus

So what should parents concentrate on when it comes to educational options for their children? Well, this really all boils down to two camps. There are really two schools of thought as far as this crucial issue is concerned.

On the one end are the externalists. This line of thought and ideology centers on the impact of the environment. According to the externalists, kids who excel in life, both in educational and non-educational settings, have to have the right environment. They have to be surrounded with the right resources and tools as well as ambience to maximize their learning potential.

According to this thinking, this external influence, then triggers internal processes that would unlock the full potential of the child. Accordingly, a heavy emphasis on externalists involve the proper building, the proper location, the right composition of the teaching staff, the right books and learning resources, and other external, often objective, resources.

The other end of the equation focuses on internal triggers. According to this school of thought, the biggest influence on a child’s ability, readiness and willingness to learn is essentially internal. It’s the child’s attitude that matters most.

Accordingly, the internalist approach focuses on teaching the child the right attitude so they can prosper regardless of where they find themselves in life. In other words, regardless of the external set of circumstances surrounding a child, they will always be able to manage to tap into certain internal life beliefs and value systems that would enable them to come out on top.

High Values

Principles and Characters

Accordingly, this school of thought teaches children to be more proactive. They teach children to show up on time, they teach children to honor their word and place a high value on principles and character.

Necessary Attitude

The interesting thing about the clash between the externalist and internalist school of thought is the fact that internalists don’t really obsess all that much about the quality of the teachers, the physical facilities involved as well as the location of the school. Their primary concern is whether children absorb the necessary attitude that would then unlock all the other resources.

Internalist Approach

Now, a lot of parents are alarmed at the internalist approach because it cuts against the grain—let’s just be honest here. It’s a philosophy that is really not all that popular because the idea is if you can control the external inputs, you can control the quality of the output.

Little externalist resources

Unfortunately, studies have shown that this is not the case. Indeed, there are many schools in places in the United States where schools have very little externalist resources. They had substandard books, they’re located in high crime areas, the children were learning in physical locations that were falling apart, but these kids end up achieving really high scores in aptitude tests. They then go on to become very successful individuals.

Strucked balance

Though there’s a lot to recommend in the internalist approach, it should be obvious that a certain balance has to be struck. But it is our hope, in providing all the education resources on this website, that parents who are looking to enroll their children in a Church of England primary school environment would prioritize both external and internal inputs to ensure the long-term, ultimate success of their children.

The right schools

By success, we’re not just talking about academic success. We’re not just talking about getting into the right schools so they can get plugged into the right path to achieve the right careers. We’re talking about success in their interpersonal lives as well as a higher level of happiness and personal wellbeing.

  • Externalist 86%
  • Internalist 58%
  • Happiness 97%

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